Saturday, March 12, 2011

Jam Packed Schedule? I Think Not.

While most people love making weekend plans in advance and look forward to those plans for days, I myself am the opposite. I love having a weekend where I have nothing to do, however, few and far between they are. Not only can I choose to just bum it on the couch with my dog but I can also wake up and do WHATEVER I want.
For example, this weekend’s only plan is to attend a family birthday party on Saturday evening. This leaves me with oodles of uncommitted time to do whatever I please in the moment. Last night consisted of testing out the new grill (thanks to Jackie and Joe) by making some steak and mixed veggies. Unfortunately I didn’t snap any pictures but let’s just say it was delicious. Fortunately, there was only one mishap and that was taking off the steaks too early. After popping them back on for a few minutes they were delicious and good to go! Promptly after dinner, the boyfriend and I watched some episodes of The Office on Netflix and passed out around 9:30. Awesome night, right? I know I thought so too.
 Saturday: Woke up around 6:30 (thank you, Mable) and drank my weight in coffee all while doing laundry and some general sprucing. Around 9:00 Bradford work up (thank you again, Mable). After some chocolate chip pancakes and a little walking, Mable made her first debut off the leash in a nearby park. To my relief, she came back when I called her and didn’t get a hold of any birds (not for a lack of trying). Now as I’m blogging, she’s snoring away on her favorite couch. How cute?

If she could talk, I'm guessing she would be saying " WTF Mom? Atleast turn the flash off."
 And yes, this all happened before noon on a Saturday.

Are you an early riser on weekends?
Do you prefer to make advance plans or leave your schedule open?

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